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Fleur Delacour Weasley

Name: Fleur Claral Delacour Weasley
Nickname(s): None
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Mixed. Fleur is one-quarter Veela.

Appearance: Fleur's Veela heritage shows very strongly in her physical appearance. She is slender and willowy, about 5'8", and extremely well-proportioned. Fleur has clear, fair skin, silvery-blonde hair, brilliant blue eyes, and full, pouty lips. She has also inherited some of her grandmother's attraction magic, but has rather limited control of it, so men have a tendency to make fools of themselves in front of her whether she wants them to or not; it can be an inconvenience at times, but Fleur has grown used to it over the years.

Fleur is a classy dresser, though her sense of style is very simple. She doesn't need flashy outfits to attract attention, and generally sticks to basic, tailored clothes in soft blues, greys, and purples. Fleur generally doesn't wear much jewelry beyond her wedding and engagement rings and the occasional pair of earrings, and almost never wears makeup; when she does, it is usually just lipstick. Fleur usually wears her hair loose, and she has it cut a bit shorter than she wore it in her school days, but she does sometimes put it up for special occasions, or just to get it out of her way.

School: Beauxbatons Academy
Wand: Rosewood and veela hair, 9.5 inches
Best Subject(s): Charms, Transfiguration
Worst Subject(s): Care of Magical Creatures– lots of them don't like being near Veelas or part-Veelas.

Career: Liason to the French Ministry (Department of International Magical Co-Operation)
Current Status: Sick
Quarantine Location: St. Mungo's

Friends: Under construction
Past Relationship(s): Nothing very serious.
Current Interest: Bill Weasley. She is married to him, after all.

Parents: Jean Delacour and Capucine DuPont Delacour
Sibling(s): A younger sister, Gabrielle
Family History: Fleur grew up in the Provence region of France, in the town of Arles. Despite her Veela heritage, Fleur's family life was actually rather unremarkable. The Delacours are fairly well-off and of good social standing, and Fleur's father works for the Department of Magcal Law Enforcement in the French Ministry. Fleur, though close to all her family, spent more time with her mother and sister as a result, and is extremely close to both. Fleur often helped look after Gabrielle before she started at Beauxbatons and during holidays, but where some might have resented the task and looked on it as a chore, Fleur loved spending time with her sister, who she considers to also be one of her closest friends. Fleur is loves her family dearly, and she stays in touch with them and visits as regularly as she can now that she lives in England.

Personality: Although Fleur has a tendency to be a tad snobbish and cool towards others, once you get to know her she's really a very kindhearted, caring person, and extremely loyal to her friends and family. Her haughty attitude is mostly a kind of shield against those who like her only for her looks; once she considers someone a genuine friend, it becomes far less pronounced, except in the company of strangers. Her tendency to distance herself from others is also due to prejudice Fleur has faced; although her Veela charms usually make others predisposed to like her, Fleur has on occasion been harassed, mocked, and belittled for her mixed heritage, treated more as an animal than as a person; though not common now, she dealt with a fair amount of this sort of attitude when she was younger.

Fleur is can be very stubborn and temperamental, and used to getting her way, so she can be argumentative at times. She is fairly easy to anger and may hold a grudge for a few weeks, but her ire generally blows over after that point, though she is often too proud to apologise. Fleur is as easy to please and to upset as she is to anger; however, she generally tries to conceal it if someone has hurt her, not wishing to be seen as just an overemotional woman.

Health: Usually quite good, though she catches colds easily. Currently sick with the Red Plague.
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